20 year reunion date preferences

20 years goes by fast!  Please take this quick survey to help determine a reunion date, event style, and planning committee.

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1)   Are you interested in getting together for our 20 year reunion?

Yes No
2)   What dates work for you?

  Around Memorial Day weekend (May 25, 26, or 27)
  Weekend after 4th of July (July 5, 6, or 7)
  Homecoming - September 13/14
  I have another date idea that I’ll add in the comments
3)   What kind of reunion activities do you prefer?

  I liked the full event program we did for our 10 year reunion (social get together, school tour, picnic, banquet with program)
  Let’s par it down and just do a social night and maybe a family picnic. No need for the cost and planning of a banquet.
  Social night is all I need.
  I have other ideas that I’ll add in the comments.
4)   Would you be willing to join the planning committee?

Yes No
5)   Comment box for other input